Be A SOMEbuddy!

Looking for SOMEbuddies!
Calling All Students entering Grade 11 & 12:
Do you want to be a SOMEBuddy?
Are you a STUDENT who remembers what it was like in Grade 8?
Are you looking for great OPPORTUNITIES to get involved in and be a part of SOMEthing big?
Would you like to be part of a group that can help support and MENTOR the newest members to our PG community?
Would you like to have a shared EXPERIENCE of building connections within our student community?
We are looking for grade 11 and 12 students who are interested in being a part of a support network for our new Grade 8 group. This would include working with individual students, small groups of Grade 8 students, and working in a team environment to plan events for the Grade 8 class.
Training, enrichment opportunities, and service points will be provided to students who apply and are selected for this exciting program!
Info Meeting
Please see Ms. Reeve (307A) or Mrs. Lacoumentas (302)

Teachers to take Full-Scale Strike Vote

Today and tommorow, teachers across British Columbia will vote on whether to escalate their job action. After several weeks of rotating strikes with little result at the bargaining table, the BCTF is rallying its members to vote for a full strike. If the action is approved, the BCTF will have to provide 72 hours of notice, which pushes the earliest possible date of full strike to Monday, June 16.

In the meantime, rotational strikes will continue this week. Our district's strike day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 11. Be sure to stay tuned for further developments.

Strathcona Trip

Last week, you may have noticed the grade 9 and 10 mini students absent from classes. This is because they were at Strathcona provincial park camping. This was quite a change from the normal studying and other nerdy activities of the minis. They did learn some things on the trip though, like map reading. And in true mini fashion, they managed to work school subjects into the most unrelated topics. There were multiple different out trips, including hiking, canoeing, and kayaking trips. Most people also got to try out high ropes and zip lining. Apart from the mosquitoes, it was an all around great trip.


Tact was a school play running on Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. A mix of the students hard work and Mr Enns and Ms Correia's devotion helped create this wonderful play, highlighting the incredibly talented actors and actresses of Point Grey Secondary School. Starring Kathy Booth as Hank and Noah Bayless as the "bunny", Tact took it's audience on a tour of Point Grey and it's "tactless students". Thank you so much to all the parents, teachers and students that came out to support our play!

BC Junior Ultimate Championship 2014

This past weekend, the Point Grey Junior Hounds competed in this year's BC Junior Ultimate Championship (BCJUC).  The team came into this provincial tournament as heavy favourites.  The Hounds fought well in 6 hard-fought matches against some of the provinces best teams, including the Kwantlen Park Timberwolves and Stratford Hall Sabres.  Despite a dominant performance throughout the tournament, the Hounds fell short in the final, finishing second in the province.  The team played with spirit, and brought energy with them wherever they were, both on and off of the field. 

Congratulations Hounds!

HEY YOU! Where is your advice?

Hey you! Have you seen this board in front of the office? If not then come check it out! Give your own personal advice for our new Point Grey students next year! Tell them something that you wish you knew before coming to Pointgrey to raise there awarness and give them little tips as a guide. Think to yourself, " before coming here...I wish that I knew about," and just write your thoughts down onto a sticky note and stick it on this board of advice!